Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Beginning

Day One of blogging brought us to a setting so perfect that it could have come from a movie. We wanted this to be as legit as possible, so we drove ourselves all the way (10 minutes) downtown to the coolest, most underground coffee shop in the city. It had wi-fi and everything. We were finally on our way to becoming real bloggers. Armed with a MacBook and coffee (black, obviously), we attempted as best as we could to blend in with the hipsters. We asked the waitress what hipsters ate, but she told us it was so obscure, we never could have heard of it. #Posers.  We settled for nachos, instead. Then, the blog preparations began. A few photos snapped with an iPhone, edited with Instagram, and boom! Totally legit blog. And that's where all this began...

We tried to observe our surroundings for the most inspiration possible. After a few hours, several dozen hipsters, loud conversations about jazz and modern art, we realized that we really needed to leave. It's a shame though, we bought our shirts at PacSun and everything. Besides, something started to smell funny. Coffee fart? #WhoFarted #Leaving

Nothing against the area, the coffee, or the characters, but the coffee shop just wasn't the setting we needed. Conclusion: You don't have to be a hipster to blog. But, being at that coffee shop (where everyone has a laptop or a book) gave us the push we needed to get this blog going. Now that everything is set up, we sit on a comfy couch, watching Castle, eating popcorn, and chugging water to remove the taste of that coffee. Much better... and it smells better, too. Turns out we are unlegit (hipsters), therefore we must quit (blogging at coffee houses).

Now that Day One is out of the way, we can move on to better, funnier, and more entertaining topics. There's a lot to catch you up on, so prepare yourselves for a few posts of flashbacks (it will be like you were really there). So stay tuned, you'll thank us later.

Alice & Quinn