Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fashionably Late Is An Understatement...

 Hello Everyone!

For anyone who read our first post and were dying to see what we could come up with next (and who wasn't?), we apologize for our absense. It was a tad longer than “fashionably late,” but who's counting? Who knew that when you decided to start a blog, it meant you had to write and update on a regular (or any) basis? Well, we realize now that this is our responsibility and we need to make it a bigger priority. We would say we are going to take it seriously, but we are not serious people, so that would be lying. It will be a bigger priority though! (Promise!) On the plus side, the reason we weren't writing is because we were so busy doing awesome stuff! Awesome stuff that we are going to tell you guys all about.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because its about to get fantastic up in here. (Up in where?) That's what's up.

Alright, so here's the scoop. We are just (awesomely) average people living practical, normal (awesome) lives. We have jobs, friends, and responsibilities, just like everyone else. And sometimes (all the time), like normal people, we find ourselves wondering what kind of crazy lives we would lead if we had chosen a different path. For example, if we had been more serious about aikido, horseback riding, and archery when we were younger, would we be kickass arrow-shooting, horse riding, ninjas today? (High five, Yes!)

This is our chance to find out.

We have decided to try all the things we ever thought interesting, frightening, or exciting. Because just like most of you, we are still trying to figure out what exactly being a grown up is supposed to feel like. (Is it suppose to be so exhausting?) And what better way to act grown up than to do everything we have ever wanted to do as children and blog about it on the internet? In the last few weeks we have acquired several new hobbies, and they are all awesome (how many times can I say awesome in a post before it becomes redundant?). Not to spoil the surprise or anything, but we may really become kickass arrow-shooting ninjas someday.

So (we promise this time) we will be updating you with individual accounts of all of our adventures. Some of them are total successes, but I promise some of them will be embarassing failures. We know you don't want to miss out on that. We even have a few drafts in the works, getting ready to be posted!

This is also a really good opportunity for all of you guys! In our attempts to try awesome things, we are going to need ideas of awesome things to try. If there is something you've ever wanted to try but don't want to for fear of ridicule, failure, or dismemberment, pass it on to us. Maybe we can test drive that idea for you. We'll be objective, count on that. #Not #ItMaySuckInWhichCaseWeWillSaySo.

So stayed tuned, all of you. Life is about to be a bit (a lot) more interesting.

Alice & Quinn