Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buon Anno! Happy New Year! Peace out 2013!

Ciao Fellow Awesome People!

Is it 2014 already? Holy cow.

We know, we know... We have been totally (embarrassingly) slacking in terms of keeping up with the blog. But then, if we rocked it so hard last year, we wouldn't have such an obvious New Year's resolution to drop in the first post of 2014. That's right, we don't vow to eat better, exercise more, be all-around better people, or any of those other relatively normal and boring resolutions that last only a few weeks. Nope. We have bigger plans. To start, we are going to do a better job at regular blog posting. And the major vision we have for this year is to finish stage one of Project We Can Write A Novel, and get into stage two: editing. Sober of course.

We've also decided to take up Kendo. Because swords are cool. And we haven't given up hope of becoming badass samurai. Actually, we learned of a Kendo studio close to where we live through a friend who is almost as awesome as we are. Almost. We are super psyched to cross sword fighting off our list of hobbies to learn and master.

This post is dedicated to new beginnings, but the past few months have helped shape who we are going into 2014. Therefore, we will be doing a several-part series recap of what we failed to post in the latter part of 2013. Overall, it was a foxtastic (that's a word now, get on board) year! Seriously. There were a lot of changes and new experiences, and the direction and excitement for things to come has been increasing exponentially. In 2013 we had a failed business, failed relationships, mildly-miserable day jobs, and way more interests than time or money allowed. And yet, it was one of the best to date.

The failed business was a great life lesson for us. As generally well-adjusted and blatantly arrogant as we tend to be, its important to be reminded that not everything we find spectacular or hilarious is going to catch on. (But one day it will.) We haven't given up hope on our entrepreneuring skills, and maybe with a little extra effort we can still save CPAD (*), but we know we tried.

Failed relationships are always tough, whether it be a friend, family member, or significant other. And they are usually a good chance to take a step back and really look at yourself. The failed relationship of note wasn't just a chance to grow as a person, but an opportunity to crash through a window, break down some walls, and find someone with a little more pizazz. And hey, it worked! It's our general advice that there are people out there that understand and appreciate all the crazy parts of us, and when we find those people, we should hold on to them because good things can happen.

As for the jobs, if you aren't happy, make a change. That's how we live our lives and our 9-5 isn't any different. Alice was fortunate enough to grab onto and run with a new opportunity. Quinn has her foot in the door and is holding on to hope. All in all, it's looking up. We want to live on our own terms, and this is our path to get there.

So here’s to 2014, the year of potential, a whole new year to meet goals, exceed our own expectations, and continue to have fun with our current hobbies and the new ones. We hope you guys all have great years as well and it’s never too early to start checking things off your list of things to do and try. Life goes by fast, so keep up!

Buon Anno,
Alice and Quinn

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