Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Archery Anyone?

It’s late February, still way to cold to really get out and do much. One day, I woke up and decided it was time to try something new, something that I was able to do indoors and, when the weather gets nicer, outdoors as well. Got it! Archery! Something I’ve always wanted to try, and totally awesome looking. This is definitely one of those things that says #WeRule. No doubt shooting bows has that attitude. So there it was, my #Awesome moment being put into action. Time to tell Alice! Unfortunately there was a scheduling conflict, so off to the indoor range I went for the first lesson on my own, #Awkward #OHwell.

To start the trip, I left with just barely enough time to make the lesson. Normally, I try to leave a little early if I am going somewhere I have never been before, but alas that was not the case this time. My GPS quit working, of course, as soon as I got off the highway!! I had a vague idea how far off the highway the place was supposed to be, but I still had to turn around several times. The second time, I called the place. Apparently the GIANT arrow out front wasn’t a good enough clue for me… ! #NotObservant.

Now that I am officially 15 minutes late, I walk in and greet the first person I see behind the counter. She doesn’t say much, but points me in the direction of the indoor range area. I introduce myself and get a quick lesson on the history of bows. I almost have to ask what to do next but luckily my instructor comes by and says we can begin. Phew! I was getting a little worried. So, “Are you going to be hunting?” my instructor asks me. What? Me? I tell him no, that I just wanted to give it a try and see how if I liked it. Well, I guess I can chalk up the hunting question to the area I live in. #NotFromHere. Well, here goes nothing!! After getting a quick lesson in the proper way to hold a bow, draw, etc. it's time to start shooting! This is awesome! As it turns out, I ended up being pretty alright for my first go at it. They were even able to move the target back to 30 meters and I was still shooting consistently and hitting the center portion of the target. I know it's not a super far distance, but I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point. Since I was using a compound bow, I asked if I could try a recurve for the last 4 arrows of my lesson. I can totally do this.... 20 lb draw weight..... and off it goes! Wait, what?! I watch, saddened, as the arrow archs right over the target and hits the back wall. Second try, I get a few pointers, and release – this time I hit the target! Too bad it is in the very top corner and not in the actual target portion... Much closer this time! Well, the last two arrows were pretty much an exact replica of the situation. So two arrows missed the target completely, the other two hit the very top right corner of the target. Ehhh... could be a lot worse! I had a great time though, that's for sure. Shooting a compound was easier, but the recurve offered the challenge dynamic which is something I enjoy. As of this post I haven't made it back to the range, but I have already picked out a few bows I am interested in looking at to purchase. Looks like I will be making this into a real hobby and sharing my bow with Alice! If any of you guys have tried out things you've always wanted to do, we would love to hear your comments about what it was and how it turned out for you! :D


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