Friday, May 31, 2013

Kickboxing Round 1

Hey Everyone!
In our internet absence, Quinn and I have been doing some interesting things.  I know she already brought you up to speed on the archery.  I can’t wait to get to the range with her!  But, we’ve been doing some other things too! Here is the latest that we have:

Our personal favorite: Kickboxing.  #That’sRight

When people look at us, they aren’t exactly shaking in their boots.  Even though we are well into our second year post-college, we could still pass for high school kids most of the time.  Our combined weight is somewhere in the 215 pound range.  We’re not exactly intimidating monsters… At least not on the outside…  Bwahahaha

Anyway, it’s kind of one of our goals to become badass ninja superstars one day, so we took up the hobby of kickboxing to get us started.  #DreamsCanComeTrue

The first day of kickboxing was kind of intimidating for both of us.  It was kind of like when you change schools or jobs and you feel like everyone is just staring at you, waiting for you to fall flat on your face. The gym is just a big room full of heavy bags that hang pretty much from floor to ceiling.  There were people warming up that look like they could be on the covers of fitness magazines.  The instructors were super enthusiastic, too.  They immediately (as in immediately after we signed a GIANT packet of waivers) pulled us over to the bags to show us basic punches and kicks.  (Apparently a lot of people are intimidated when they first walk into the gym, because the instructor later told us that they attack people right away so they don’t have a chance to change their minds a leave.  Good tactic.)  And that was it.  A 5 minute introduction and we were released to join the other kickboxing regulars.

Putting on our gloves was a defining moment in our kickboxing debut.  As soon as the gloves are on, you feel like you can accomplish so much.  They really give you a sense of purpose and attitude, and they make you look super badass.  Plus, if you aren’t wearing the gloves, the whole thing looks super awkward, and we were awkward enough as it is.  Anyway, as soon as the gloves were on, we knew this was going to be the hobby for us.

We knew that until we started working out, at least.  See, in our heads we knew that we could rock this kickboxing thing.  But, as it turns out, we're both super awkward and clumsy.  I’m sure watching us try to kick and punch and keep up with the calls and everyone else was pretty entertaining for the first 5-10 minutes.  But after that initial awkwardness, we settled in a rhythm.

And then we became all-stars!  There we were, punching away, being swallowed up by the insanely loud dance music and the thumping sound the bags made with each punch and kick.  It was like Insanity, mixed with boxing, mixed with a dance club hidden in some random alley.  I mean, Alice even thought she was going to collapse and die by the end of it (but in a good way).  Basically, it was the thing of dreams.  Our dreams, anyway.  #NailedIt

Our new found kickboxing gym is a great setting for staying motivated for exercise, and really, changing our lives.  As corny as it sounds, every time we step in that place we learn new things about ourselves and we are able to clear our minds enough to come up with better, even crazier (and more awesome) ideas.  Kickboxing is something that has become part of our regular routine, and we do our best not to bail out on a class.  Probably because we are so awesome, and so is kickboxing.  So, if you’re reading this and have never tried kickboxing, Google yourself a kickboxing specific gym in your area and give it a shot!  It’s cool if you don’t like it, but give it an honest-to-goodness effort.  It really is one of the best things we have ever done.

-Alice & Quinn

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