Saturday, March 29, 2014

Magic and Roadtrips

Hey Everyone!

You know what's awesome (besides us... we mean, you)? Roadtrips! There's something about the open road (heavy traffic on the interstate, road rage), clear skies (sudden torrential downpours, no one turning on their lights), good tunes (probably Ke$ha), and your bestie by your side that inspires creativity. Things are infinitely more amusing when you're stuck in a metal box with no escape; and the jokes that are created turn into the best stories of your life.

We were recently on our own roadtrip, just a couple hours from home. By this point exhaustion from our epic adventure was setting in and our normally totally coherent ramblings were taking on lives of their own and becoming the stories of truth in the world as we see it.

The story below was inspired (and written) in the car that day. It's an enchanting tale of two best friends who overcome all odds and obstacles and prevail in the end. We know that sounds like we just gave away the whole story, but trust us, you aren't prepared for what you are about to read. We hope you enjoy.

Alice Quinn Presents: Always Use Your Head

Once upon a time, there was a rainstorm. The storm was relentless and created havoc on the streets below. But in the midst of disaster, a beautiful rainbow was formed and stretched fully across the sky. Each colour glimmered of magic.

Two unicorns were running through the fields and saw the rainbow in the distance. They could hear the rainbow calling out to them, promising a better world of peace and happiness. For unicorns, a rainbow was a sacred gift from above, a bridge that held their fate. So the unicorns sprinted toward the rainbow, never questioning its will or power.

As the fateful arch came into view, the unicorns noticed a shadowy figure lingering at its end. The shadow was roaming and confused, seemingly mindless. The unicorns ignored the figure's random shuffling and focused on the rainbow. But as they closed in on the rainbow, there was an obvious recognition in the figure's eyes. The unicorns were  threat and the figure approached them with an obvious hunger.

The first unicorn, Azarrah, was able to edge past the figure, instantly recognizing her luck. The figure was a zombie, and zombies have a particular interest in unicorn brains. If a zombie consumes the brain of a unicorn, it will be free to roam and eat and kill forever. Not even a shot to the head could stop it. Azarrah picked up her pace, sprinting up the rainbow.

The second unicorn, Khadilsa, was not as lucky and got trapped at the bottom of the rainbow. With steady nerves and a focused mind, she took in her surroundings and her attacker. She knew the mayhem he could cause with her powers, and she could not allow that to happen to mankind. And she absolutely refused to be eaten on a rainbow. With no other option, Khadilsa lowered her head and ran full bore into the zombie, stabbing him right in the eyehole.

 She raised her head, but the zombie stayed with her, kicking and reaching and baring its teeth, and stuck to her horn. She knew she couldn't stop or turn back, so she continued running up the rainbow. Right as she reached the peak of the arch, she flung her head and the zombie went flying down the side of the rainbow.

Azarrah watched in horror as her friend struggled with zombie and breathed a sigh of relief when it went flying through the air. But the fall would not stop the zombie. There was only one way to kill it - a double tap to the head. She lowered her head and steadied herself. As she descended the arch on the other side, she made sure to gain speed and direct her aim. Right as she reached the bottom of the rainbow she stabbed the zombie again, right through the other eyehole.

Azarrah laid the zombie by the side of the rainbow and the sky opened up. The unicorns proved their worth to the rainbow and they were granted the happiness they were promised. Without pause, Azarrah and Khadilsa continued on for their adventure. And they never looked back.

There you have it. This is our reminder to use every opportunity, even deadlock traffic on the highway, to fuel your dreams and creativity. Never stop being awesome.

-Alice & Quinn

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