Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Halloween Came Early?

                Who doesn’t want Halloween to be epic? Especially when it comes to impressing people with your creative costumes. Well, this year, we decided to make our own costumes. The apartment was a disaster, but the end result was totally worth it. We decided to go with punked out versions of different fairy tale / Disney characters. We had Punk Belle, Punk Tinkerbell (Quinn), and Punk Red Riding Hood (Alice). And in two weekends of epicness during October, we rushed to get our costumes ready for Halloween. 

                There was fabric, string, and pins everywhere. We wouldn’t have recommended walking around without shoes on, it was incredibly dangerous. Everyone kept telling us that we weren’t going to be ready in time for all the parties, but we insisted that with Halloween being on a Thursday, there was no way nothing would be going on the weekend after. And thus we kept at it. Quinn discovered she was horrible with a sewing machine. There was a lot of cussing every time she was even near the machine. Even simple, straight lines were an issue. Alice on the other hand, was pretty awesome at it, creating her cape from scratch. Quinn settled for a glue gun, hot gluing all the leaves to the dress she was creating for Tinkerbell. One day, one day Quinn will get it. 

                As we tore through the two weekends, with minimal thought to the fact that we still had nowhere to go, we found ourselves pretty impressed with our costume making skills. In fact, the idea was tossed around about become costume designers. That quickly faded when it was pointed out you can’t hot glue everything and call yourself a costume designer. The week before, we started looking at what we could do, and, nothing. Niente. Apparently, the weekend before was the weekend for all the parties, even though Halloween was on a Thursday, which is clearly closer to the following weekend. Angered by the general population not making sense, we were determined that all of our hard work would not go to waste. So we went out anyway. In fact, we went out to dinner at a pretty nice place. In our costumes. And we do have to say it was quite awesome. if you have never been out in public in a costume before, on a day where no one else is dressing up because you clearly missed when everyone decided to celebrate Halloween, we say do it. 

                In the true spirit of Red Riding Hood, Alice had a basket of cookies. Which came in handy at the bar we went to after dinner! Not only did we get free drinks, but someone even gave us money for the cookie we gave him!

                All in all, it was a great way to spend the month of October. We came out of it with awesome costumes, and a great story to tell. The month we missed Halloween, but didn’t care and went out anyway.

Get out of your comfort zone,
Alice and Quinn

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