Sunday, July 21, 2013

Poetry Slammed

 Oh the joys and sorrows that poetry can bring to a person's life... If you can understand it, that is.
Poetry is widely reguarded as one of the most intimate forms of writing, a medium to express feelings and emotions that we couldn't normally convey. Poetry provides truth and meaning allthewhile coloring it in metaphor and exagerated language. Plus, you have to be super cool and deep to appreciate it. #That'sUs
In our efforts to expand our writing experience, we decided to try out some poetry. We figured it would be a good way to practice our writing skills and force us to use more descriptive and creative language. #LetTheCreativeJuicesFlow. Our goals for writing poetry are (for the moment) purely academic. We truly want to push ourselves as writers and give ourselves a starting platform. Maybe one day we will publish everything, but for now, it's just for your amusement.
We have documented our first attempt at writing poetry (of course). And since it is supposed to be creative and we usually hand-write all of our posts anyway (using only the best pens in the coolest colors), we decided to lay out this post a little differently. #TakeAllThePictures!
We perused the internet for a starting point and guidence in our poem writing and found a great exercise! We recommend it for anyone who has never written poetry before and needs a basic place to start. So, read on and enjoy!
How to Write a Good Poem:

This is an important note everyone! We did not come up with these steps! Step 1 through Step 6 came from various websites:,, #CredibleResources
Notice at Step 7 we decided we needed more direction. As stated, we consulted Oprah ( to help us out. #OprahKnowsEverything. 
The 12 steps are designed to get you on the right track and make you think about what you know and what you want to say. Listed at the end are some suggestions on how to get your poem started. These suggestions worked for us. This is by no means the only way to write a poem! But like we said, if you are new at this (like us) or are just stuck and need a little push, this may be a good place to start.

Using the 12 Questions and the Helpful Tips, we both attempted to write our own (coherent) poems. Here are the results!! First up: Quinn.

Quinn's Masterpiece:

Alice's Turn!!

Behold: Alice's Work of Art:

#NailedIt #BothOfUs
So there they are, our first attempts at poetry. I don't think it's too early to say that we have promising futures ahead. Look for us at a poetry slam near you. (That's what it's called, right?) #Whatevs.
Until Next Time,
Alice & Quinn

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