Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Have More Hobbies Than You Do!

Our original list when deciding on hobbies / things to try.

I know we have been totally slacking in at least catching everyone up on what we have been doing, so here goes. Well we have an agenda of hobbies; so far it looks like this:

Mondays* – Kickboxing
Tuesdays* – Yoga or Horseback Riding
Wednesday* – Kickboxing or Yoga or Horseback Riding
Thursday* – Blank
Friday* – Sometimes Kickboxing, or Traveling
Saturday* – Blank or Traveling
Sunday* – Blank or Traveling
*Marks days in which we are awesome. Also marks days in which we try to keep up with writing. (Usually at Panera)

Things we are looking to add:
  • Horseback Riding (Alice)
  • Archery (Quinn bought a bow, so now we just need to work on getting that in the schedule more often)
  • Sword Fighting
  • Aikido or some other form of martial arts... suggestions?
  • Rock Climbing
  • Synchronized Swimming (WHAT?! Who put that in there?)
  • Dancing (Just kidding - we are humans)
Keeping in mind that we have a budget, some of these things may have to be rotated around. Plus, we need to do the whole job thing to pay for all these hobbies, and that takes away time from trying new things and adding to our schedules. It sure is a great time though! So far we haven't tried something we don't like, so stay posted for more experiences!

~Alice & Quinn

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